Morning Chores on the Homestead

Our lives sure have changed since we left the city and moved out to the country to set up our homestead. Our mornings are very different now!

Cute Little Hatchlings 2 Red Knobby Fat Things: WE LOVE OUR MUSCOVY DUCKS!!

It all started when a farmer friend told me he was incubating some eggs from his muscovy ducks and asked if I wanted the babies. Well of course I said YES! One of them still hadn’t hatched when he brought them to us so he threw the incubator in his car and headed to Blue Eye. “Peepers” hatched in my hand!! And so began our Muscovy Duck adventure. We had no idea how big and fat they would get, or how much they could eat, or how messy they would be, or how funny and awkward and waddly they were… or how much we would fall madly in love with them! Please follow along as we raise our babies from cute little hatchlings to red knobby fat things. WE LOVE OUR MUSCOVY DUCKS!

Wintertime at Hermit’s Way Homestead: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Our first winter at the new homestead property has been full of trials, rewards, lessons, and wonder. Join us for one winter morning after a freak snowfall creates surprise headaches but also joy and so much beauty! This video is dedicated to our sweet Satchie dog who slipped into doggie heaven on January 20, 2022. We miss you, Satchers.

Our Chicken Story: How We Nursed Our Adopted Chickens Back To Health & Redomesticated Wild Chickens

We became instant chicken parents when we bought our new homestead. Our new property came with 8 penned chickens and 13 wild chickens. We had no idea how to take care of chickens; we had to learn FAST. So we dove into our new role, researching how to care for our new “kids.” First we had to nurse the penned chickens to good health and improve their living conditions. Then we turned our attention to befriending the wild chickens. When predators began picking them off one at a time in the cold of winter, we knew we needed to “hatch” a plan to protect them. You’ll have to watch to find out what we did… This is our chicken story!

There’s A Snake in the Chicken Coop!!!

It’s another adventure every day at the chicken farm. Today I went out to check for eggs and there was a humongous black rat snake in the nesting box!

I wondered why our egg production had dropped lately. Now I know why!

I had seen this guy around so I had the brilliant idea of ordering a long snake grabber pole from Amazon JUST IN CASE! Got the snake grabber two days ago and today we had dire need of it… Happy to say it performed beautifully and said snake is now safely 3 acres away in the neighboring woods.

Unfortunately this crazy adventure happened too fast to take any video. So enjoy this dramatic reenactment of “There’s A Snake in the Chicken Coop!!!”

(No people, chickens or snakes were harmed during this event. A few eggs may not have been so lucky.)

Moving Days! We Sold Our Off-Grid Cabin & Found Our New Homestead Property!

IT IS SOLD!!!! Thank you to all the many people who contacted us about our off-grid property for sale. It has now been sold to a couple who plan to homestead there as well. Join us as we say our final goodbyes to our beloved off-grid cabin and move into our new homestead property in Blue Eye, Missouri. Meet our new CHICKENS!

March of the Ducks

Just wanted to share a little of the joy I get from my sweet silly ducks… ENJOY!!

We Found Our New Homestead Property!! Here’s A Sneak Peek!

Well… we couldn’t bring you along while we searched for our new homestead property because we found it already! After one week in our new location, we’ve found our new property and we close on July 16. Our new property has lots of flat, cleared, fertile land just waiting for us to plant gardens. There is a huge barn, pear trees, and even chickens! We can’t wait to dig our fingers in the dirt and start growing again! Enjoy this sneak peek! (I know I misspelled PEEK in the intro! I am so embarrassed!!!)

Goodbye to Our Guest Cabin!

We sold our guest cabin and 20 acres!!! It was sad to say goodbye! But we sold it to our friend who happens to be the brother of the guy we bought it from. He actually helped build the cabin to begin with. So it was a sweet reunion for him and a happy ending all around! Here’s a video about our goodbye… Our original 13 acres and main cabin are still for sale!!

Off Grid Property & Cabins FOR SALE! Homestead Tour

We’re selling our off grid property! This could all be yours! Check out our video tour of the property and everything it includes: 2 cabins, shipping container, barn, garden, 34 acres, trails, & more in Southeast Missouri. Our dog, Satchie (the sweetest pitty who is loved by people all over the world) makes her first cameo. Tune in for more homestead adventures as we move across the state and look for our new homestead property. Please subscribe and share!